What to make of Cologne?

As the dust settles on Cologne, nearly a month onwards from the night in which sexual assault, theft, ‘bodily harm’, and in a few cases, rape, gripped the city. Many of us are still unsure about what way to analyse the situation. Were the perpetrators of these attacks a group of drunk idiots unable to behave in a proper, civilised manner like the left would have us believe? Or, is this a symptom of something a lot more dangerous, dark, and sinister? I believe the latter.

1049 people were victims of the attacks committed allegedly by men mostly from North Africa and the Middle East, with about 821 complaints being filed to the police. Exactly 482 of the complaints reported sexual assault of some kind. Now, 30 suspects have reportedly been identified with 25 hailing from Morocco and Algeria. 15 of these individuals are asylum seekers. Now, when trying to decipher what occurred that night, it is hard to make concrete assumptions as the group of assailants were reportedly around 1’000 strong, and right now, only around 1-3% of the attackers have been identified. However, multiple police reports and many of the victims themselves (it is important to note that the vast majority of these victims were women) reported the group was made up predominantly of males of ‘Arab origin.’

Multiple videos of New Year’s Eve in Cologne have surfaced on the Internet, which can be found on Youtube, and one disturbing video in particular shows a screaming girl being dragged into the subway by a large group of what appears to be men hailing from the Middle East of North Africa. Scenes reminiscent of the depravity shown in Egypt’s Tahir Square in 2011 , and Athens in 2002.

You are maybe wondering why I am mentioning the ethnicity of the perpetrators. The reason for that is simple. Statistics regarding the treatment of women across the Middle East and North Africa do not make for particularly pleasant reading. For example, in Egypt 99.3 % of women and girls are subjected to sexual harassment and 27.2 million women and girls are victims of Female Genital Mutilation. In Algeria, the law doesn’t recognise Spousal Rape as a crime, and the first time Algeria ever convicted someone for sexual harassment was October 2012. In Morocco, 17,000 incidents of violence against women were reported in the first 3 months of 2008 and 44% of women between the ages of 15 and 49 are illiterate. In Bahrain, the Penal Code says a rapist can avoid punishment if he marries his victim and a woman’s testimony is worth half a man’s in a court of law. In Syria, girls as young as 12 have been married in refugee camps and more than 4,000 cases of rape and sexual mutilation have have been reported to the Syrian Network for Human Rights.

Of course, it would be completely wrong for us in the West to indict every single North African and Middle Eastern male for the treatment of women in their society. There are men in these countries who find these statistics just as appalling as we do. However, the mistreatment of women is a far bigger issue in these counties than it is in the Western World, and that is something we must recognise. Women in the West are the best-treated in the world , and at this moment of time, the large numbers of refugees arriving from the countries mentioned beforehand have not lived in a society where women have the rights that they do here. When mass immigration occurs, assimilation becomes a lot, lot harder to achieve, and the men arriving will simply not learn about the rights that women have in Europe. Cologne will just be the tip of the iceberg if we do not address this problem immediately.

P.S. The silence from many feminist groups regarding this incident has been deafening.


What to make of Cologne?